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If you have come to the point where you are considering contacting an attorney you are probably at a stressful time in your life. You may not be ready to hire an attorney, but would like to consult with me to discuss your options and rights. The initial consultation fee is $100 for the first 30 minutes. At the Law Office of Amy York Garrett, I charge $100 for a consultation. I can discuss the general procedures for your type of case. However, I recommend that you make a list of questions prior to the appointment to discuss your specific circumstances with me. Your communication with me is privileged and protected by the attorney/client relationship. Obtaining information and knowing your rights helps you to make an informed decision.


For our consultation, you may wish to bring with you information regarding your date and place of marriage, information and/or copies of any previous or ongoing legal proceedings relating to your case, copies of pay stubs and tax returns, general information regarding real property assets, personal assets and obligations and any other documents that you would like to discuss with the attorney relating to your case.


For our consultation, you may wish to bring with you any general information regarding the child to be adopted (copy of Birth Certificate if available), copy of any letters of guardianship, and names and addresses of the birth parents.


For our consultation, you may wish to bring with you a copy of the Will and Death Certificate with you to the interview. If there is no will, bring a copy of your Birth Certificate showing your intestate succession right including an itemization of the estate assets.

Please call if you have any questions regarding any documentation or information you should bring to your consultation.

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